【The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart】

-Treasure everything and everyone in this world, don't feel regret when you lost it..-

Suddenly feel that..
all God's arrangement..
are so difficult for us to understand..
i heard lot of bad news recently..
my school girl in sjkc pulai..
her father is suffering cancer now..
he cant live more than 1 or 2 months now..
but they all look very strong..
they no need others' help..
her mum still go singapore for work..
woww ==
cheer up ya^^

my friend, Jing Yi..
his father also sick now..
he is now at hospital..
but Jing Yi still can act like nothing..
I know his feeling..
when we heard that..
even though we are not his relatives..
but as bystander..
i feel blue..
how come ??
Jing Yi..
cheer up ya^^
for your life and mid-year exam..

i really hate that..
why we must go through live and die ??
why we cannot just keep living in the world till the end of the world..
when i saw somebody died..
i really feel sad about that..
i don't wish to lost any of my family members and friends..
leave me...
I don't want !!

seems like very far from us..
if we look from other perspective..
it is not too far..

we cannot control them..
because they are all God's arrangement..

You and me..
or your parents and you..
even your friends and you..
someday we will separate..
someday we will leave..
or can say that someday we will die..
this is a common things in the world..

learn to cherish every people who has played an important role in your life..
even your enemies..
when they go..
it's too late for you to regret..
everything already become a foregone conclusion..

- Pray for everything in this world..........-