【I just wanna spend my life with you】

I just wanna spend my life with you ♥
just listened to that song..
nice ^^

But I want to spend my life with who ??
don't think more..
is all of you^^
all my lovely dear friends^^

I heard a rumor..
somebody said ...
is the end of the world..
huh ??
tomorrow ??
Oh my God ==
I still have many many things haven done..
then already......

i know it maybe is a fake..
and i trust it is a fake !!
but recently keep raining><
so just in case of...
if it is true...........??

i wrote this blog just for all my friends..
i very very cherish you all..
love you ♥

I know we cannot be together forever..
and i know we will separate one day..
sad ><
but i still hope that day will not come !!


I will always remember you ...

Friendship turned and spoke to me:
'Always I'll be there;
Never mind the fretting or the woes,
Nay, tell! - be you in the doldrums, deep of Hell,
Or any other dire straights my friend;
For you, I stood here ever at your side
From distant time to now, the bitter end.'

「Friend gives you smile
But true friend gives you happiness

Friend will lie about you
But true friend won’t tell your weakness

Friend knives your back
But true friend will slog your face

Thousands friends come when you’re happy
But only one true friend comes when you cry

Friend comes when he needs you
But true friend comes when you need him

Friend leaves when everybody does
But true friend comes when everybody leaves

Friend comes and leaves
But true friend is yours forever 」

I love you all ♥