【 Everything is gonna be alright】

【There are things that we don't want to happen but have to accept,things we don't want to know but have to learn,and people we can't live without but have to let go】

A very cool holidays for me ^^
Really memorable..
It will be paste in my mind forever..
2 extremely nice & fantastic trips for me ^^

6/7.6.2011♥ Pahang trip ▁▂▃▅▆

This trip I went with my tuition class friends..
Our teacher, Mr. Wong brought us there..
We departed at about 9.00p.m.
Along the journey we were quite excited..
Till everyone cant dozed off..
Just chit-chat around..
Due to it was too dark..
So we cant took any photo at bus..
I sat beside Yit Jia..
Then I don't know why till 1o'clock..
Everyone had already tired..
All slept include me..
Bus was quite quiet now..

We just slept about 2-3 hours..
Around 5o'clock..
We reached our destination..

Here !!!
We climbed up the mountain..
Really tired..
Chingyi with me were the first girl reached the peak..

We took it on the top of the mountain..
Although very exhausted..
But we still did it !!
The view there was really beautiful..
Especially the clouds...

Just see it yourself..

This was not smoke !!
It was cloud..

Sunrise !!

Let this photo be the last picture..^^
After that walked down this place and moved to eat breakfast..
Too many people there..
We waited for quite a long time..
But still got nothing..
But we ate somethings on bus..

Next place--museum !!

aiyo.. cant see anyone ==

We took pictures at here..
But not studied here..

A very old car ^^

Past-time royal people bedroom ^^

That all for my trip here..
After that we went beach..
We took photo there..
But not used my handphone..
Due to it was low of battery..
But it was a nice trip..

I reached home about 10p.m.
Then went to tidy my luggage..
Prepared for another trip at the next day..

The next trip 'KL trip' will be write in next blog..
Wait ya^^