【Lovers have a right to betray you※friends don't】

「You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life」

Sorry for expecting anything from my blog..
I will not write my KL trip's blog here..
Because I know it will be a long long story for me ><
Got a bit lazy =='' 
Just search my facebook and  look all the photos there..
It is really a fun and fantastic trip..
For all of us..
Especially the band members..
We learn a lot and make many new friends..
Not so pretty..
But it's okay..

How are me recently ??

No good !!
I feel that I am not a responsible person..
No matter as a penolong ketua pengawas or an AJK..
I am so so so BAD !!
As a bad role to all my junior..
Very sorry >.<
I really will try to improve myself..
In many aspects..
Wait for me..
Wait for a new me ^^
I think I am quite EMO recently..
It's a time for me to change and improve myself >.<
Really trying my hard to achieve it..
I like staring at the window when in class..
I think about a lot of things this time..
Sometimes will also reflect on my own >.<
I feel I am so tiny in this world..
I has not many knowledge..
I has not good enough in anythings..
Everything >.<
I am not a real McCoy..
But only a extremely common person..
I am trying to improve myself..
And change myself..
Hope I can success ^^

I am refined in manner recently..
Sit politely in school..
And I am not so busybody and talkative like before..
On the art class yesterday..
They were all talking at there..
Except me..
I sat quietly there >.<
Time to become mature..
And not so childish..
I want to change myself !!
These 2-3 days..
My family and I ate all 6 durians !!
But yummy ^^
My sister likes it very much >.<

This time..
My result has a big improvement !!
From that time PKⅡ 4A5B..
To this time mid-year exam..
7A2B !!
Then I got 11th place in my class this time..
But why my sejarah & bm cannot get A ??
I want to improve more next time..
Best of all can get in top 10..
But just perhaps..
Because if I did it..
My relative will give me a big present..
Thanks God for guiding me..
And let me to get this result..
I will improve !!
I must improve !!

LIFE is depend on you ^^
To make it worthy or meaningless ♥

 Try to LOVE everything as anything ^^

「The greatest pleasure in your life is doing what people say you cannot do」